Skóli (Vocabulary for 9/6/2002)

Hi everyone,

After a hectic summer and the first two busy weeks of classes, I've finally scheduled some time for Icelandic every day. So I want to try to start posting the vocabulary lists again. It's really helpful for me, and the comments I got from the native speakers and more experienced students were great.

Today, since school is starting up again, I thought I'd post some school-related words.

blýantur (m.) - pencil
bók (f.) - book
fyrirlestur (m.) - lecture
háskóli (m.) - university
kennari (m.) - teacher
kennslubók (f.) - textbook
lesa (v.) - read
lesa undir (v.) - study (i.e., for an exam)
læra (v.) - learn
menntaskóli (m.) - high school *
menntun (f.) - education
pappír (m.) - paper
penni (m.) - pen
próf (n.) - exam
skólabróðir (m.), skólasystir (f.) - classmate
skólastófa (f.) - classroom
skóli (m.) - school
stúdent (m.) - student

* There was some discussion on this topic a while back, about how in Iceland the course of study isn't really the same as in America. So I hesitate to call menntaskóli "high school," but I'm not sure what else to call it.