Höfuð (Vocabulary for 6/12/2002)

auga (n.) - eye
augnabrún (f.) - eyebrow
enni (n.) - forehead
eyra (n.) - ear
haka (f.)- chin
hár (n.) - hair
kinn (f.) - cheek
munnur (m.) - mouth
nef (n.) - nose
nös (f.) - nostril
skegg (n.) - beard
spékoppur (m.) - dimple
vör (f.) - lip
yfirskegg (n.) - moustache

This list has two examples of neuter nouns that end in -a: auga and eyra. There aren't many of these, and most of them are words for parts of the body: hjarta - heart, lunga - lung, nýra - kidney. Here is the declension of auga, alongside the declension of haka, a feminine noun, for comparison.
auga eye haka chin
Sg. nom. auga haka
Sg. acc. auga höku
Sg. dat. auga höku
Sg. gen. auga höku
Pl. nom. augu hökur
Pl. acc. augu hökur
Pl. dat. augum hökum
Pl. gen. augna hakna

Auga is a difficult word for me to pronounce correctly.