Grænmeti (Vocabulary for 5/31/2002)

Here is a list of some vegetables (grænmeti) in Icelandic. Since there was some discussion about how similar Icelandic and Danish are, I included the Danish words, just for fun. These words happen to be fairly similar.

agúrka (f.) - cucumber (agurk)
baun (f.) - bean (bønne)
gulrót (f.) - carrot (gulerod)
hrísgrjón (n.) - rice (ris)
hvítlaukur (m.) - garlic (hvidløg)
kál (n.) - cabbage (kål)
kartafla (f.) - potato (kartoffel)
laukur (m.) - onion (løg)
rófa (f.) - turnip (roe)
salat (n.) - lettuce (salat)
sveppur (m.) - mushroom (svamp)

Gulrót is slightly irregular. Here is its declension:
gulrót carrot
Sg. nom. gulrót gulrætur
acc. gulrót gulrætur
dat. gulrót gulrótum
gen. gulrótar gulróta

I like the phrases of the day better than the vocabulary lists, because they give the words in some useful context. I think it's also easier to remember the right form of a
word to use when you remember a whole phrase.