Að Borða (Vocabulary for 5/26/2002)

I've posted a lot of nouns, but not many verbs or adjectives. Here's a list of verbs and adjectives pertaining to eating and drinking. As in English, there are a lot of subtle differences here -- I hope I get them at least close to correct!

borða (v.) - eat (see notes below)
bragða (v.) - taste
drekka (v.) - drink
éta (v.) - eat (see notes below)
girnilegur (adj.) - appetizing
ljúffengur (adj.) - delicious
óætur (adj.) - inedible
saddur (adj.) - full
súpa (v.) - sip, drink
svangur (adj.) - hungry
svelgja (v.) - swallow
svelta (v.) - starve
tyggja (v.) - chew

Most of the verbs are so-called "strong" verbs.

I think éta is less "formal" than borða, and is used moreso to talk about animals eating, whereas borða is used to talk about people sitting down at a table and eating.

[ Note from Ásta:
Dýr éta og menn borða. Animals eat and people (strictly speaking...men) eat..... I don't know how else I should translate this. My grandmother used to say this to me all the time when I was a kid. She grew up on a farm. I guess a lot of people who haven't lived on a farm don't make this distinction. I would never say: ,,Ég er búin að éta" = "I have already eaten." It sounds disgusting and rude. Under all circumstances I would say ,,borða" when referring to humans. ]

[ Another note from Ragnar:
[I]f someone consumes food in a very"animalish" way you can use "éta" about people but you SHALL always use "éta" about animals! ]

Éta is an irregular verb. Here is its conjugation:

éta eat
Pres. Subj.
Pret. Subj.
ég ét éti át æti
þú étur étir átst ætir
það étur éti át æti
við étum étum átum ætum
þið étið étið átuð ætuð
þeir éta éti átu ætu

I think this has come up on the list before -- but if you say "Ég er full(ur)" you are actually saying you're drunk. If you want to say you're full (of food), you should say "Ég er saddur/södd."

Whenever I learn new words, I try to use them in sentences. Usually, the sillier the sentence, the better I remember the word...

Thanks to Solvina for correcting my badly-mangled text!

Awaiting corrections,