Tölvuorð (Vocabulary for 5/22/2002)

Here are some words used to talk about computers.

bæti - byte (also megabæti, gígabæti, etc.)
disklingur (m.) - diskette
geisladiskur (m.) - compact disk
harðdiskur (m.) - hard disk
lyklaborð (n.) - keyboard
mótald - modem
mús (f.) - mouse
net (n.) - net, network
prentari (m.) - printer
skjar - monitor
stýrikerfi (n.) - operating system
tölva (f.) - computer

Can anyone tell us how bæti, mótald, and skjar are declined?

Many of these words have interesting histories. I remember reading that "skjar" comes from an old word for window, and specifically refers to the amniotic sac of a cow stretched over a hole in the wall for a window. "Tölva" comes from two words meaning "numbers" and "fortune teller."

Here's another one: tölvumálvísindi - computational linguistics. This is one of my research interests: a combination of computer science and linguistics.

Mús is a feminine noun with an interesting plural declension:
mús - mouse
Sg. nom. mús Pl. nom. mýs
Sg. acc. mús Pl. acc. mýs
Sg. dat. mús Pl. dat. músum
Sg. gen. músar Pl. gen. músa

The change from ú to ý in the plural is an example of the i-hljóðvarp (i-shift). Another noun like this is bók/bækur - book/books.

Awaiting corrections,